Puppy Training

What type of training is right for my puppy?

This all depends on age, for younger puppies who have not had all their vaccinations I recommend starting with an At-Home puppy visit. Once they have completed their vaccinations the best course of action would be a private Tails about Town session, before moving on to our group Tails about Town sessions.

What is involved with each of these training options?

An At-Home puppy visit is a good starting point when you've just got your puppy and this is where we go over house training, getting your puppy used to being left alone for short spells and all your basic puppy training.

The private tails about town sessions are designed to give you the chance to learn and build on basic obedience and safety training in a realistic environment. So a route near your home would be planned then I would accompany you and your dog to instruct and teach you. This gives puppies a chance to get used to how to behave in an outdoor environment before putting them in a group.

The tails about town sessions are conducted in a very similar manner to our private session but are held as a group

But what about a puppy class?

Traditional indoor dog training classes either for puppies or adult dogs are not something Dog Tired offers any longer. I believe that there is only so much we can achieve in a training hall because when you need to use either basic obedience or safety training commands you'll be at home, in your garden or out on a walk, not in a hall. Also dogs may respond to a command within a hall but this is often not the case when they are surrounded by many distractions outside. That is why we conduct all our training in these environments.