Private training

Tails about Town

What is this?

Our private tails about town sessions are ideal for dogs who need training around distractions but aren't quite ready for our group sessions. The first session will start with me gathering a training and behavioural history so we can determine what exercises to start on first, then I will accompany you on a walk with your dog to instruct and teach you exercises such as heelwork, leave it, recall and other basics.

Can I move on to group sessions?

Private tails about town sessions can be booked to better prepare your dog for our group sessions or can be taken as standalone training.

Hounds at Home

Is this the right option for my dog?

These sessions ideal for dogs in the early stages of training who are not good around other dogs and for dogs who are not ready to be around other dogs, either because they're not confident enough or they're easily distracted.

How does it work?

At the start of the first session I will go over your dogs training and behavioural history to determine which exercises we will teach first and whether there are any minor issues to iron out e.g pulling on the lead. Then we will begin training.

What happens after the first training session?

After your first session I will give you a programme which will the exercises we've completed and if you want to we will book a second training session.



Outdoor Hound

Why outdoors?

I offer private training sessions in an outdoor environment to allow for training in a realistic setting. In addition to obedience Dog Tired provides a lot of safety training, which is best completed outdoors.

Where will it take place?

The outdoor private training sessions will take place at either your local park or field. In addition to providing a better training environment for safety work, this will also get your dog used to responding around distractions.