Testimonials and Success Stories



We have been training our Border Collie Conker with Kiri Vincent for the last 6 months. He is now 10 months old and making great progress. Kiri gets us to perform lots of varied tasks that will eventually give us a well rounded and socialised dog. We find Kiri very knowledgeable and patient and she is careful to listen to our worries and work with us to resolve them in and out of the classroom. It is also lovely that all four of the family are welcome, which will make training much more effective as we will all be doing things the same way. We are looking forward to carrying on Conker’s training with continued success. Kate and Conker


"Kiri has been doing some training with Lily over a short space of time. I’m very pleased with the outcome, Crufts here we come!" Theresa and Lily



"Norman first attended training and was very nervous of other dogs. The training has enabled him to overcome his fear and has been very successful for him." Andrew and Norman


Success Stories

  • Paddy

    Paddy was a 1 year old Bearded Collie with bundles of energy when he first began training with Dog Tired. He had the basic training but his owner wanted to build on this and continue regular training with him. Paddy spent a year in the classes and worked his way up through to a very advanced level of obedience, which involved recalls from another dog. Paddy also progressed to agility, trick training and treibball.

  • Junior

    Junior, the British Bulldog was only 13 weeks old when he started training but he excelled instantly and picked up all the basics very quickly. After completing beginner training, Junior progressed to intermediate and then advanced training. Junior attended training for three months in total and is to date the youngest dog to have trained to such a high level, a testament to the hard work and practice his owner put in. He left us a very well trained young puppy and was given an obedience award.

  • Harvey

    Harvey was a Jack Russell who had been badly mistreated by his previous owners. When his owners first brough him to us Harvey showed extreme fear around both people and dogs. His owners worked very hard and Harvey improved a great deal. We tackled his fear of people then we worked on his phobias of cars and bikes. Harvey trained with us for about four months and has learnt so much. He is much more comfortable with people and dogs, as proved by this photo of him with two new friends


Fergie was a rescue Lab X Border Collie who had been to hell and back. After being born on a puppy farm and abandoned near a main road he was taken to a kennels where he had only a plastic carrier bag to sleep on. After being rescued from the kennels he was brought to us. We did some basic training with him and spent a while building his faith in humans back up, we helped Fergie to find a new home and he really landed on his feet. Fergie now lives a life of luxury with his new owner.