Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of training does my dog need?

If your dog has a specific problem such as pulling on the lead, barking, destructive behaviour or any social problems e.g not good with other dogs or people classes would be unsuitable for your dog and the best option would be a behavioural consult.

If you have a puppy, after enquiring you will most likely be offered a package which includes a combination of private training and group training.

If your dog needs general training or has issues with impulse control e.g sit and stay, leave it, getting distracted by dogs or people then the best option would be group training sessions as this is our main focus.

What does training cost?

This is dependant on the type of training you want. For a quote please get in touch and let me know what training you are interested in.

How long will it take for you to answer my enquiry?

For email enquiries please allow 36 hours to receive a reply. For voicemails left outside of the available enquiry hours e.g 7pm in the evening, you can expect a call back early on the next day.