16. Mar, 2015

Murphys fact of the month!

Hi everyone,

Well first thing's first I have to tell you about the very exciting month I've had. I am guessing that you are all intrigued so I won't keep you hanging. This month it was my birthday! I had a wonderful day which I will tell you all about but first of all I know that you are all wondering how old I was......well I'm afraid a gentleman such as myself never reveals his age. Although, to give you a clue I believe that my vet referred to me as senior recently (the cheek!) oh and the candles may give it away a little!

Anyway, you probably already know that Kiri makes homemade treats and on my birthday I get a real treat in the form of a doggy birthday cake! I'm also quite partial to opening parcels (you should see me at Christmas!) so on my birthday I get new toys wrapped up to make things more interesting.

Anyway, onto my fact of the month. I think you will all like this one as it is a bit of a mythbuster.

Did you know.....

Dogs CAN actually see in colour, we just don't see colours as vividly as people. Dogs see mainly in shades of blue and yellow and cannot distinguish between red and green.

Bye for now