31. Oct, 2014

Murphy fact of the month!

Hello everyone,

First thing's first, happy halloween. I was never a fan of halloween to be honest, too many zombies and werewolves for my liking. Anyway this year I've had a special halloween treat, courtesy of The K9 Cafe....pumpkin treats, now I know what you're thinking: 'pumpkin Murphy? Really?' and I must admit that I thought that too but then I tried one and they're actually delicious! They're really good for my stomach too....anyway back to the matter in hand, or paw so to speak. My fact of the month is:

Did you know?

A blind boxer called Baks has a 'guide' goose called Buttons. Buttons, who is four year old, honks to tell Baks in which direction to go or leads him by hanging onto him with her neck.

That's such a sweet story, although I'm not sure I'd ever trust a goose to guide me. They're a bit suspiscious looking, I think it's the eyes.

Bye for now