18. Jun, 2014

Just a quick update

Hi everyone,

So I mentioned last month that I'd been really poorly and had been diagnosed with kidney failure but the good news is that I'm on some new medication (or so I'm told, you see foul tasting, crumbly tablets aren't really my idea of good news but that's vets for you) and apparently this new drug has brought my readings down a lot and is working really well.

I also have to take two drugs in liquid form (yuck!) and the vet suggested putting it on my food (yeah right, how daft does he think I am! As if I wouldn't notice!) but because that doesn't work I have to have them through a syringe, which I am not best pleased about let me tell you! If it helps though that's the main thing.....well to be honest the fact that I get a little bit of chicken afterwards helps a lot!

Bye for now everyone and stay tuned for my next fact of month and kidney information post.