1. Jun, 2014

What is renal (kidney) failure?

The function of the kidneys is to process blood and sift the extra water and waste products (toxins) out. This then becomes urine, which is stored in the bladder and excreted through tubes known as the ureters.

When the kidneys are unable to concentrate urine and remove waste products, renal failure occurs. This means that the kidney needs more water in order to filter out the toxins. The amount of toxins in a failing kidney is no different to the amount in a healthy one, the only difference is that they need more water to flush the toxins out than they did before.

There are two types of kidney failure: acute and chronic.

Acute kidney failure comes on suddenly and is usually caused by:

  • a bacterial infection
  • the ingestion of poisons
  • a urinary obstruction
  • dehydration
  • decreased blood flow to the kidneys, caused by heatstroke, heart disease or a surgical procedure

Chronic kidney failure is most common in older dogs and develops over a much longer period of time, often months or years.

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