31. May, 2014

Murphys (slightly late) fact of the month!

Hi everyone,

So I do apologise for my slightly delayed monthly post but I'm afraid that I have been quite poorly lately. I had a few partial seizures which were really scary and then I started drinking and weeing ever such a lot, unforunately though because of the nasty people who hurt me in the past I'm very scared of strangers, especially the vet. My vet has actually said that he likes me even though I don't like him. Anyway my fear makes it hard for my vet to do bloods and other tests on me, so I wasn't sure what was wrong with me at first which made me feel a bit down in the dumps. One day I overheated and didn't want to drink anything so the last thing I wanted to do was pay a visit to the vets but I was so poorly that my Mummy, her friend and Kiri rushed me straight there. I've found out now that I've got early kidney failure but the good news is that I'm now on medication to control it and it turns out that the food I'm on isn't just really tasty, it's also a really good diet for dogs with renal failure. To help dogs like me I will now be blogging information about the symptoms, treatment and possible prevention of renal failure, in addition to my fact of the month posts. So make sure you check in regularly for lots of kidney related information.

So my fact of the month is:

Did you know......

Dalmations are born with plain white coats and their spots first begin to appear at 3 weeks of age.

Bye for now