Behavioural Services


Does my dog need a behavioural consultation?

Does your dog.....

  • Get upset or destructive when you leave
  • Not get on with other dogs
  • React fearfully towards people
  • Chew and behave destructively

If any of the above sounds like your dog then you probably need a behavioural consultation to diagnose the cause of the behaviour and to get the advice and help needed to treat it.

Why does my dog have behavioural issues?

Sometimes dogs can develop psychological issues through no fault of their own and in some dogs their previous life experience may have a lot to do with this. For example, a rescue dog displaying fear aggression is likely to have been mistreated by someone in the past. Some behavioural problems can be solved fairly easily while others require an intensive training programme in order to solve the problem.

How does a behavioural consultation work?

Behavioural consultations usually take place at your home. For the first part of the consultation it would be helpful if you could leave the dog in another room to allow us to first establish what it is you require help with. The second part of the consultation will involve getting a look at your dog in action, depending on the nature of the problem (i.e other dogs) this may involve taking your dog for a short walk. By recreating the scenaria which causes your dogs behaviour I can then give you instruction on the first steps to take.

What happens after the consultation?

Following the consultation you will be given a training programme which will give you a step-by-step guide to solving your dogs problems. I will then monitor your dogs progress and arrange a follow up session.

If you require follow up private training sessions after this then there will be a small charge per session.