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Welcome to Dog Tired, I'm Kiri Vincent.


A lot of people ask themselves, does my dog really need dog training?

This is because when you think of dog training the scenarias that probably spring to mind are; one man and his dog, crufts or a class with puppies perfecting the sit.

I want you to forget all of that, at Dog Tired that is not what training is about.

So what is it about? Well it's about basic obedience and of course that includes your sits and downs but it's also about training your dog how to act in the real world. How to walk nicely even when that other dog that's approaching looks really exciting and how to come back when called even if that unclaimed tennis ball looks really appealing.

This is something every dog will struggle with and this world can be very dangerous for a dog who hasn't learnt road safety, the emergency stop and all the other vital elements of safety training.

That is why we use a modern and positive method of training unique to Dog Tired; natural environment training. I believe that completing training in a natural environment (e.g your home/garden, a park or on a walk) will achieve a better result than a training hall and that this is the way forward.

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